GSO Posts

GSO Posts

Global Space Organization Posts

Many have asked. “What are Global Space Organization Posts and what purpose do they serve?”

Our GSO Posts are non-profit, members only groups, established to accomplish three objectives:

  • Promote the GSO’s Vision.  “To the Moon and Beyond.”
  • Establish the GSO’s ‘military styled’ culture.
  • To support GSO goals and provide support to our local communities.

In order to gain global acceptance, the world needs to know and understand our GSO Vision.  Our GSO Posts provide a place for GSO members to gather, recruit, socialize and discuss our GSO Vision, how it relates to our goals and through those discussions, discover unique and creative solutions that will help guide the GSO on its path into the future.

GSO Posts will help to establish our GSO uniformed services culture.  Though we are not a military, as we progress into space, our future GSO employees will  need to maintain a professional, disciplined, military styled culture for us to survive, expand and prosper in the harshness of space.

The GSO has many tasks to accomplish in the years prior to our 2020 launch goal.  GSO Post members will be critical in helping to advance our goals through building support in our local governments, businesses and civic institutions.  This will help to determine areas of mutual interest and provide win-win scenarios that will help to advance not only GSO goals but also those of our local communities.

The only path into space with the intention of staying, surviving and expanding, is a global one.  It will take the efforts of many institutions and individuals to sustain humanity in space and thrive.  The GSO and our members will help to guide and lead the world back into space, this time permanently.

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